Juris Doctorate - Securities Regulation Focus

University of San Francisco, School of Law 1987
Concentration on Securities Regulation and Corporate Law

Licensed to practice law in California State Court and transactional law in the State of Nevada.

Admitted to practice in the Northern District Federal Court.


MBA - Finance

San Franisco State Graduate School of Business, Department of Finance

The MBA program provides a broad management perspective as well as in-depth analytical skills and conceptual background in both domestic and international financial management and decision-making.


Bachelor of Arts - UC Berkeley

University of California - Berkeley. 1981


Real Estate Broker

Licensed Real Estate professional since 1981.

Expert in complex commercial, residential subdivisions and agricultural real estate development.


Clerk - California Supreme Court

Summer clerk for Chief Justice Malcolm Lucas, 1986. San Francisco Courthouse.

Reviewed briefs submitted for Certiorari, drafted case position papers, made recommendations to the Supreme Court Justices.


Moot Court Champion - USF School of Law

University of San Francisco - Moot Court Competition 1986.

Interesting Note: The Moot Court Judges included none other than Stanley Mosk and two other members of the sitting California Supreme Court.


Technology Expert

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, ANSI SQL, ASP, Java, Apex (Salesforce), Java Server Pages (JSP), Wordpress, EJBs, Applets, Servlets, Struts, SOAP, JBuilder, JBoss, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, C#.NET, Visual Interdev, Application design, Web Design, DHTML, PHP,CGI, PERL, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, ActiveX, Macromedia Flash, EDI

DATABASE: MSSQL, Oracle SQL, PLSQL coding, Complex Stored Procedures; ADABAS (hierarchical DBMS), MSAccess, ODBC, JDBC

NETWORKING: LAN design (hardware and software), Wide Area Networks, Microsoft Sharepoint Server, Citrix, Novell

APPLICATIONS: Salesforce APEX, Symfony, Microsoft Project, Dreamweaver, Crystal Reports, Oracle, MSAccess, Visio, PhotoShop, ACT!, FrontPage, QuickBooks, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MSPublisher, Lotus Notes

BUSINESS ANALYSIS: Business Requirements Documentation (BRD), Interaction Diagrams, Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD), JAD Sessions, HIPAA