Strata - Financing



The mining industry offers a fairly unique and advantageous profile.
Most investors assume that finding the ore is the tough part.
That is not true. In fact, there are dozens of properties with proven reserves, rich in precious metals, with minimal permitting challenges, available for immediate purchase at very reasonable prices.
The real challenges are:

  • securing the millions required to build out the infrastructure and;

  • securing patient money able to wait the year or two or three before production begins and;

  • assembling a team with the technical expertise and experience to deliver a successful mine.


Bringing a mine up to production means working through a series of regulatory, legal and equipment challenges.
Investors are, thankfully, shielded from most of the bureaucratic paper-chase.

The key to this process is patience, persistence, expert help and adequate funding. Sometimes, however, we can avoid this process. Sometimes we find mines that are fully permitted, or have been in production in the recent past.