Strata - Public Offering
Disclaimer: This is not an offer to purchase stock... etc.



Strata is well down the road in our public offering.

Our Securities Attorneys already have documents on file with
the SEC. We are working to finalize the acquisition of this asset.
The SEC filings are available HERE.

Our filings with the State of Nevada can be viewed HERE.


Tartan Funds is the lead Hedge Fund.

Ehrenworth & Syme has been retained as corporate counsel.

NVESTrain has been retained as our Investor Relations group.


Peter Schiff is a very active and bullish advocate for gold.

We do not consider him a 'balanced and neutral observer', however, he does make has some interesting points in this video.

Click on the picture to see one of his recent videos.

Business Plan

Our Business Plan provides a good overview of our business and the opportunity.